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the mood33 mission

  • to offer people an ability to connect with themselves and each other in more meaningful ways


  • to invigorate local communities and empower people to increase their levels of happiness and sense of well-being


  • to infuse the world with compassionate cannabis products, created by compassionate people


  • to protect nature’s gifts to mankind by activating sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices across our hubs of operation


sustainably grown cannabis sourced from california growers allows us to support our local and state economies 

100% organic herbs, tea and fruit extracts


non-gmo, organic, pesticide-free

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We identify the best regions and farms for each of our organic ingredients, ensuring a clean supply chain from farm to bottle while mandating fair-trade sourcing practices across our entire ecosystem. 

Inspired by ancient herbal remedy, Ayurveda principles and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, mood33 infusions were created for mood-based benefits  – each infused with synergistic herbs and terpene blends that have been known to provide targeted benefits for wellness seeking consumers.

mood33 was created by people seeking smoke-free cannabis experiences to enhance their diverse lifestyles and consumption preferences. 

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our farm-to-bottle process

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01- clean CALIFORNIA cannabis 

Our team of cannabis extraction experts process locally-sourced cannabis flowers to craft pure, clear and clean cannabis oil for introduction into each bottle of mood33.  Triple-lab analysis and testing methodology ensures that every drop of mood33 is free from pesticides, heavy metals, contaminants and all other adulterants before reaching our GMP and ISO certified laboratory and product manufacturing facilities.  Using cutting edge science and all-natural formulation methods, pre-activated cannabis oil is combined with specific cannabis-derived terpenes to enhance specific wellness-benefits and mood based experiences found in each bottle of mood33.

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Our proprietary cannabis oil and terpene blends are then combined with organic tea, herbs and fruit extractions from the best farms and flavor processors from around the world.  Synergistic fruit, herbs and tea enhance the flavor profiles and boost absorption of the healthful compounds of each ingredient.  All natural extraction methods allow for a truly clean label for each bottle produced, finally providing consumers a line of healthy and organic infused beverages anyone can love.  Plant-based sweeteners keep calorie levels low, while maintaining a fresh, bright and sweet tasting beverage, all with a light sparkling touch - perfect for any moment. 

03 - carbon neutral transport 

We then bottle, pack and ship our small batches from Berkeley, CA to our distribution hubs in Oakland and Los Angeles.  mood33 finished products are hand-delivered to partner patient collectives and dispensary groups across the state of California.  Using carbon-neutral transportation partners, our products are found in all cannabis-friendly communities seeking to propel the new legal cannabis marketplace forward with innovative and health & wellness-focused products.  From counties in the Northern Valleys to San Francisco Bay, and from Palm Springs and the Southern Coasts - mood33 provides healthy, smoke-free cannabis infused beverages for all.

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We believe in fostering relationships with local farmers who share our values, practice sustainable agriculture and seek to protect our state's water sources across all hubs of operation


100% sustainable and carbon-neutral production 

mood33 implements sustainable manufacturing practices in each step of production.  Water is sourced within Alameda County, California, which is replenished from local reservoirs.  

Each mood33 package, bottle and cap is 100% recyclable, and our customers can return empty bottles to their local recycling center or at any retailer location where mood33 products are sold. 

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