High fashion gets higher with designs celebrating cannabis

via: The Cannabist

"The intersection of marijuana and fashion at one time meant tie-dye shirts, beanies and Birkenstocks. And “stoner style” certainly hasn’t gone away, with no shortage of affordable T-shirts, leggings, flip-flops and more that help the masses wear their love for weed on their sleeves.

But as cannabis consumption becomes fashionable, the world of high fashion is also embracing the plant in subtle and bold ways.

“It’s like pairing beauty and bliss,” said Jacquie Achie, a Los Angeles-based fine jewelry designer best known for her line featuring delicate gold cannabis leafs.

“Fashion and cannabis both inspire a unique sense of empowerment and confidence. With these energies combined, the result is pure perfection.”

During New York Fashion Week for spring 2015, Mara Hoffman sent models down the runway wearing white dresses and pants woven with green cannabis leaves.

Actress Margot Robbie wears an Alexander Wang dress featuring marijuana leaf cutouts in this screen grab from the Oct. 1, 2016 season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.” (NBC.com)..."

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