Cannabis-Friendly Lounges Could Be Coming to West Hollywood This Year

Via: by: Mona Holmes

"West Hollywood wants to become one of California’s first cities to allow ‘cannabis consumption’ lounges. In late November, West Hollywood’s City Council approved regulations which amended municipal codes and zoning ordinances to regulate cannabis land uses. This includes the authorization for cannabis consumption areas or lounges in the City of West Hollywood.

The pending application process will make WeHo one of the only cities in the region authorizing business licenses for consumption areas. These areas will offer a safe space to consume cannabis products such as edibles, THC-infused foods or beverages, as well as areas to smoke or vape cannabis. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that causes the well-known high associated with marijuana. The new regulations will also allow cannabis products to be purchased and consumed at these consumption lounges without a medical recommendation. Still, they will likely be attached to an existing cannabis dispensary.

Cannabis products can be purchased and consumed at these lounges without a medical recommendation."...

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