mood33 x 4/20 @ Malibu Cannabis Festival & Wellness Retreat Recap (w/ GALLERY)

Ascending up Encinal Canyon into the hills of Malibu on the morning of Friday, 4/20, to share in the world-wide annual cannabis celebration under California’s new adult-use cannabis use and regulatory framework was both inspiring and humbling. 

It felt truly special to be part of California’s cannabis history as one of the few new brands to launch in a new adult-use consumer marketplace in time for the first 4/20 holiday in the legalized state.  It was both a privilege and honor to each and every advocate, patient, entrepreneur and legislator that worked to make this day in this new world possible for brands like mood33.  

The moodteam was proud to be among a handful of brands and companies to serve and sell its new line of adult-use cannabis infused products to the public for the first time at Cannabliss Retreat’s cannabis wellness inspired 420 festival, tucked high in the Malibu hills at a private villa founded for immersive healing and group experiences (see the full gallery below).

It was an afternoon full of education, sharing, learning and appreciating.  From the moment the doors opened, each volunteer introduced themselves and assisted with setup, directions, parking and programming.  The vendors on display all came together to provide samples with open discussion and exchange of ideas about the new cannabis marketplace and society we now share together. 

The Cannabliss team even commenced a healing ceremony and sound bath at 4:20pm PT, dedicated to Mother Earth in preparation for Earth Day, which was a perfect moment for all to share after a full day of experiencing the best cannabis products in the state, consumed in each and every form.

mood33 was grateful to celebrate a brand milestone by also being sold in Malibu’s only medical cannabis dispensary, the 99 High Tide Collective, for the first time.  Local Malibu cannabis influencers and loyal dispensary patients enjoyed the first batch of mood33 to ever be produced for the public in observance of the 420 holiday. It was exciting for mood33 to be displayed and sold along side some of the best California cannabis brands like Papa & Barkley, Select, dosist, Kiva, 1964, Jetty Extracts, Pax, Apothecanna, Petra & Bloom Farms.


Some feedback heard from mood33’s first customers…

  • “…I am so glad I can’t taste the bitter flavor of cannabis, but still enjoy the flavors of the terpenes and your other ingredients…”
  • “…I love that the drink is clear and you do not have to shake the bottle to get the cannabis to mix in again, how do you guys do that?!"
  • “…I feel it already, and its only been 10 minutes…”
  • “…You should bring your brand to Florida…” (and Arizona, Oregon, Massachusetts and Canada!)
  • “…my friend is ill, and she cannot smoke or vape…this product is perfect for people like her…”
  • “…We cannot wait for your CBD only version, and you should sell it in grocery stores!”
  • “…I love the packaging because its legible, clean and simple!”
  • “…mood33 is like the cannabis infused version of La Croix sparkling water just with a little sweetness, I love it!”

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