Calyx Brands Selected for California Distribution & Summer Launch of mood33


via: Nutritional High International, Inc. 

Calyx has been selected to launch new cannabis-infused sparking tonic, mood33, a next generation brand developed by life-long natural beverage pioneers and brand partners based in New York and Santa Monica.  It launched its California distribution on 4/20 in Malibu, CA and is sold at Malibu’s most prominent dispensary, 99 High Tide, and prominent California cannabis retailer Harborside has commenced selling mood33 beverages, with other prominent retailers expected to follow (

mood33 CEO Michael Christopher added, “It’s been a privilege to bring this new line of better-for-you beverages to the legal cannabis marketplace in California together in partnership with Calyx Brands.  With a shared vision to establish new market share with healthy, mainstream cannabis products that have mass-market appeal, we look forward to growing with Calyx for years to come.”

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