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Catch mood33 on Pot Pie Season 3 via PRØHBTD!

“mood33 is super excited to share the first three episodes of Pot Pie, hosted celebrity chef Brandin LaShea, streaming across ten streaming platforms and exclusively via Pot Pie/PRØ Chef LaShea invites her influential friends, actors, musicians, artists and comedians to cook their favorite dishes while enjoying mood33 Cannabis Infused Sparkling Tonics - how fun!

Watch the first three episodes below!”

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THE FRESH TOAST: Cannabis Infused Beverages Experience 88% Yearly Growth

“Move over kombucha! As a representative for mood33, a cannabis-infused “functional beverage” herbal tonic company says, “We know that the modern consumer is actively searching for ways to reduce their alcohol consumption and the adverse effects that come with overconsumption, drunk driving, and hangovers.”

“Once consumers realize that cannabis can be consumed like an alcoholic beverage via products like mood33, we will see even more demand for cannabis beverages – as we expect the cannabis beverage category to consist of 20-25% of the overall market share within the next 5-7 years due to these developments and elements of market/category maturation,” mood33 adds.”

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MERRY JANE: Cocktails to Mocktails: How Cannabis Beverages Changed My Relationship with Alcohol

“Grossman of Papa & Barkley shared with me that a good friend of his was able to wean himself off the benzodiazepine Klonopin using the company’s cannabis tincture. And just as Papa & Barkley is offering cannabis alternatives to opiates and benzos, beverage companies such as California Dreamin', a low-dose cannabis soda, and Mood33, cannabis-infused sparkling tonics, are offering cannabis users an alternative to alcohol that they can sip on. Not too long ago, at a friend’s wedding in Boulder, I was delighted to learn I could drink cannabis tonic from a champagne glass and join in a toast without drinking alcohol. And yes, I like the high; I’m not about to pretend I like weed solely for its medicinal benefits.”

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Discover mood33 in Malibu on 4/20

“mood33 is excited to share that its products and brand will be on display at a private villa experience in the Malibu hills for the first time for an exclusive showcase and product presentation in partnership with Cannabliss 420 Retreats and 99 High Tide, Malibu's local cannabis dispensary…”

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Cannabis-Friendly Lounges Could Be Coming to West Hollywood This Year

"West Hollywood wants to become one of California’s first cities to allow ‘cannabis consumption’ lounges. In late November, West Hollywood’s City Council approved regulations which amended municipal codes and zoning ordinances to regulate cannabis land uses. This includes the authorization for cannabis consumption areas or lounges in the City of West Hollywood."

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